Rogue Research is a collaboration across academia and industry. We study how people and technology affect one another.

We want our research to shape how products are designed and built. Everything we do is available to the public, usually in plain language.

Examining Menstrual Tracking to Inform the Design of Personal Informatics Tools

Presented at CHI 2017 (best paper)

Exploring New Design Directions for Menstrual Tracking Technology

Presented at CHI 2017 Workshop (Hacking Women's Health)

Wearables of 2025: Designing Personal Informatics for a Broader Audience

Presented at CHI 2015 Workshop (Beyond Personal Informatics: Designing Experiences with Data)


Publishes as Catherine M. Baker

a doodle of Catie

Catie is a PhD candidate at the University of Washington. She studies accessible computing, with a focus on understanding and empowering blind software developers. She likes hiking, biking, and swimming.


Publishes as Daniel A. Epstein

a doodle of Daniel

Daniel is a PhD candidate at the University of Washington. He studies personal informatics and self-tracking tools and behaviors. He likes hiking, running, and turtles.


Publishes as Nicole B. Lee

a doodle of Nikki

Nikki is a Product Manager and Product Strategist at 18F. She helps people build software that empowers users to focus less on technology and more on humans. She likes biking, video games, and cats.